Where does the time go?

I’m blown away honestly!  The end of the year marks 10 full years of creating sexy boudoir and pin-up images. It has been a wild ride. Many of you that have had sessions with me have heard the story of how I got into doing the boudoir, but for those of you that haven’t heard, here’s a quick summary:

I started doing pin-ups, but I kept having so many requests for boudoir as many ladies felt they couldn’t pull off a pin-up look. I honestly think anyone can do them – it’s all about the attitude and not being afraid to really act out the poses for pin-up photos. Anyways, I figured I would give boudoir photos a go.

I was super nervous to say the least when I started. Probably more so than most clients are. I mean, would women even want a male photographer for boudoir? Well I got past the nerves after a few sessions.  I also found out in conversation with clients, that for many, they wouldn’t want a female photographer for boudoir. They prefer a man’s perspective on sexy, or they feel more comfortable doing the photos with a man behind the camera. Whatever their reasons, they put their trust in me to create sexy, beautiful images.  and because of that I have helped many, many ladies see how sexy they are. It’s truly been a humbling experience for me.

Now looking back at all the laughs, all the smiles, all the incredible artwork created… I actually feel proud of my work as I am always one to be super critical of myself ( as so many of us are). I am kind of in awe of all I’ve done for everyone.

So, what to do to mark the occasion? I definitely need to offer a very special deal, at least to my email subscribers. I mean, most of you are previous clients, and my big supporters – without whom I never would have made it for 10 years. I’m thinking maybe a special contest too… but the details will be sent out to email subscribers soon ( so if you’re not subscribed, you should! )

I think it’s only fitting to include some photos from each of my 10 years….It’s just a small sampling with so many to choose from – I just had to be random in choosing. Here’s to many more years of creating incredible images!



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