Mrs A creates incredible custom sculptures from pieces of scrap metal, old motorcycle parts, pieces of cutlery….you name it, she’s probably figured out a way to use it in art! For me it is always really cool to work with other “creatives”. I don’t know if they are necessarily any less nervous at the start of the session, but they really do understand the way the creative process works and I think it let’s them relax quicker. It also allows for an extra connection – or level of understanding – than just that of Photographer and Subject, which definitely creates more freedom during the session.

Mrs A received her session as a gift from her husband. She mentioned how she had recently lost some weight and wanted to do boudoir because of that, but she also loves the pin-up photos, so we did a little bit of each for her. Of course there were tonnes of laughs had during the session and we ended up with so many great images from her session that I had a hard time picking some favourites to post. But I had to narrow it down, so here are a few of my favourites.



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