I did a boudoir session for Mrs S a while back. She was doing is as part of an anniversary present for her husband. All the photos turned out amazing, as did her beautiful album, and I would love to share them all, but I can only share ones without her face so I am pretty limited on options. I am super excited to share the extremely kind review she emailed me! Thank you Mrs S, it was a pleasure working with you!

Mrs S writes: “I wanted to take a moment to write something of a testimonial, if you will, to describe my recent experience with having a boudoir session completed by Darren at Thoughtful Impressions. I think it bears noting that I am a conservative sort of person, not given to risqué behaviour, so considering this kind of photo session was a bit out of character for me. To be honest, I had been considering doing this for about five years. To make a long story short, I did some research on the internet and was fortunate enough to find Darren. I know what some of you might be thinking; a man to do my boudoir session? Is that the right choice? I had the same reservations. However, upon meeting Darren for the first time, my reservations were dispelled. Darren is gracious and kind, sweet and a bit shy I might say. He is a complete and absolute gentleman and this carries over into all he does. The session itself was fun and, although I was a bit nervous at first, Darren made me feel at ease right away. We laughed – a lot – and the hours passed by so quickly that I was actually kind of sad when it was finished. Darren makes you feel like you are the most beautiful woman in the world and, for those few hours, you believe it. Doesn’t every woman deserve that?? I think so.

As for the finished product? The photos are stunning and my husband loves them. He says he thinks he is going to wear out the book’s covers because he looks through it so much! I think the difference between going to a male photographer is this – a man knows what is sexy and what isn’t. Darren is a true artist and an absolute professional through and through. The experience, for me, was life changing and self affirming.”




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