I’m a bit of an old soul by nature, and I so value that era when women took such pride in their appearance, and sexiness was possible while still wearing clothes, (how far away have we gotten from that?).  I know for myself pin up clothing and style have radically altered my own self perception.  The clothes are designed to flatter most womens bodies, the era encouraged curves, a playful attitude and femininity. I am a 36 yr old mother of two…my body has changed from what it was in my 20’s, but seriously add a high-waisted skirt, push up bra, leopard print panties and high heel shoes…I still feel super foxy in spite of the changes of my body.  I long to be a role model for other women who have any shame or reservations about their appearance or sex appeal…it’s an attitude…an aura about you. I remember reading somewhere that every woman has an inner “pin up girl”, and it’s up to you to decide if she’s playful, sexy, cheeky…seriously, what fun!  The pin up shoots that you do are a total boost to a gals ego.  To inspire playfulness and sexiness…I believe wholeheartedly in what you do.  I now know the delight that a gal feels when she sees herself in the light of your lens.

Dreamboat Bombshell *sigh*, would LOVE that one on my resume 😉




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