Do I really need professional make-up?


Makeup that is provided for your boudoir photo shoot is usually much different from the makeup that you wear every day casually. It’s very important that prior to being photographed, your makeup be applied correctly. The makeup artist is trained in which products to use and how to apply them based on the lighting being used and the fact that you’re being photographed. For all pin-up and boudoir sessions we recommend false lashes as well for that extra “pop”

Boudoir and Pin-up make-up can be natural, dramatic, super sexy, smokey, and the list goes on. You don’t have to look like an entirely different person. Makeup artists are there to enhance your beauty and to let you see a different version of yourself.


If you’re a simple girl that doesn’t like to stray too far out of your comfort zone, a more natural look might be a great option. The makeup artist enhances your natural beauty while keeping colour palettes simple and neutral.



Sexy and sultry looks that aren’t too dramatic include the classic smokey eye. It gives a great pop to your eyes and paired with a pretty lip colour and blush, looks really great in photographs and gives just the right amount of sexy!


13-026-19012013 Dreamboat Bombshell Model

If you’re looking for something with a bit of drama mixed in with sex appeal, a thick winged liner and bold lipstick are perfect. This is sometimes more of the pin-up style of makeup, but is fantastic for boudoir photos.




Which ever look you’re wanting to go for, be sure to discuss the details with your photographer and makeup artist. Everyone working together as a team ensures the best experience for you all.



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