Boudoir Wardrobe

Unsure of what to wear to your boudoir session? Whether you know it or not, you probably have a great boudoir wardrobe in your closet already. Yes, booking a boudoir session is a great excuse for you to do some retail therapy and pick up some super sexy pieces that you may not have. However, if that isn’t on your agenda, you’ll most likely be able to pull some awesome looks straight from your current closet.

  1. Grab a matching bra and panty set (or semi-matching, as long as it looks good together). Black is always a great colour that’s flattering.
  2. You have a shirt, right? Of course you do! And with today’s trends you probably have one that is lace or even sheer. Put it in your bag. Trust me. It looks awesome with nothing underneath.
  3. Cocktail dress. Or even your go-to Little Black Dress. Something that is a little form fitting to hug and show off your curves. Perfect!
  4. Black panty hose are always a plus. Heck, wear them with your undies alone and you have yourself a super sexy outfit for your session!
  5. Classic black heels. Or any color for that matter. Black and red are personal favourites. Heels make your legs look amazing and perk your booty up too.
  6. Your birthday suit covered up with a white sheet or some sheer fabric and you can get some great implied nude shots.

See? I bet if you looked in your closet right now you’d find most, if not all, of these items. If not, they’re super easy to find and inexpensive to pick up!



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