Pin-up Clothes

What should you wear to a pin-up shoot?

You’ve booked your pin-up session, but now you are thinking “What do I wear to a pin-up photo shoot?”. We are often asked if we carry any vintage clothing. While we are now authorized to be an official Bettie Paige Clothing supplier, it isn’t something we have available yet (we need to see more demand, so if this is something you would be interested in – please let us know in the comments or drop us an email). Besides, there are so many sizes and styles to fit all our clients / models is an overwhelming task! One day soon…, but for now you will need to supply your own outfit.

While getting the proper attire is quite important, it isn’t really as difficult as one might think. These days, everything vintage is coming back in a big way. You can find plenty of vintage styled clothing at many modern retailers – watch for polka dot or flower print patterns, high waisted shorts, vintage colours, stripes – it’s really easy to spot. There are plenty of sources on the internet for vintage style clothing as well, with many skirts & dresses available for $50 shipped to your door from ebay – or stop by one of the many vintage clothing retailers online such as Bettie Paige Clothing, Pin-up Girl Clothing,, Blame Betty etc. You can also check places like Value Village or other thrift shop for some “authentic” vintage finds.


Now if an excuse to go shopping is not what you are looking for, then there is a good chance you can use what you already own with a bit of tweaking. A staple of a pin-up girl’s wardrobe is definitely a simple black bra and panty set. Add to that a garter belt with some black stockings and the you’ll have a retro-outfit in the making. This can be worn with a great flow-y summer dress or even just shot “as-is” for some very sexy pin-up photos. We can add just an apron over top for another quick, super sexy look.  (That’s 3 great looks with very little work needed!).


One more good combo would be an undershirt tank top with some denim jeans or capris. Add a pair of heels and “rockabilly” is the look you’ve got.


Another great option is a classic bathing suit. Try to avoid crazy colours or patterns, think of more solid colours and add in a pair of vintage styled sunglasses – there’s another super sexy vintage look. Halter top suits are more of the retro style as is a ruffled one-piece, but just about anything will work.


Since pin-ups were originally sent overseas to the soldiers at war, something else that looks great for a pin-up photo is military clothing. Military jackets & hats can often be found at army surplus or even thrift stores.


Now most importantly, one thing that cannot be left out from any outfit combo is the high heeled shoe. One with at least a 3 inch heel is the best, but generally, the taller – the better. Heels makes you look taller, makes your legs look longer and gives great shape to the calves as well as your behind! We simply can’t shoot girls as pin-ups without heels (unless you’re wearing roller skates – but that’s another story 🙂 )


A simple outfit, paired with proper hair and make-up will bring out the inner pin-up girl in you!



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